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Antique Waltham Pocket Watches

In 1899, Westclox began under the name 'Western Clock Manufacturing Company'. They are the manufacturers of all of the 'Ben' series clocks, including Big Ben, Baby Ben, Pocket Ben and Glo-Ben. The earliest models of clocks to come from Westclox were called 'The American' and the 'Boyproof'. Other pocket watches included the 'Country Club', the 'Dax', 'Bull's eye luminous', the 'Scotty' and 'Black 'Chief'. All were manufactured before 1940.

The first electric clock was manufactured in 1931, named the 'Big Ben Electric'. This was also the same year that the chime alarm clock was introduced, called the 'Big Ben style 3'. The first electric wall clock followed one year later.

The first clock made especially for the ladies was introduced in 1933. This was the 'Handbag watch' which was made available in four different colors. This was done, I can only assume, to please those ladies who loved to color-coordinate their wardrobe. These watches retailed for $2.95 when they were first introduced, a hefty amount back then!

Some of these rare, antique watches can still be found for sale through antique dealers or through online stores that specialize in antique watches. Interestingly, they aren't selling for much more these days than they did when brand-new. There appear to be many different 'styles' to please anyone's taste. Maybe it's time to bring back the old pocket watches!